Overall Experience Reviews For Sport Clips Haircuts of Del Mar Heights Village

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I have been coming into your store since it opened. Every month, without fail. I always get an MVP. Never joined the MVP Club. Never had an interest in doing so. I believe I was respectful, pleasant, kind and easy going in ever visit to your store all these years. I am certain I was considered a generous tipper as the stylist always was effusive in giving her thanks. I also bought product each month to put in my hair. For years I did this, month in month out. In short, I put a lot of money in that store over the years. Today, I came in and in order to get my hair cut, I needed to put my name into a computer screen. To put my name in, I had to give my zip code. You do not need my zip code to cut my hair. I was told by a very young, and rude "Taylor" that if I did not put my zip code in, I was not going to get my hair cut, and that other people would be allowed to go in front of me. I was incredulous at the sheer absurdity of the issue--no zip code= no haircut. And indeed, that is exactly what happened. Other people were allowed to go in front of me because I am in the minority. I refuse to give my zip code because it is indisputably none of your business. Fortunately, the older woman that works in there knew me from the several years she has worked in your store and she entered in a bunch of data onto the screen to allow me to eventually get my haircut. I had a pleasant time getting my haircut--and MVP as usual, I tipped her like I always did, and left. No way I am returning unless you fix this. Here is my cell. I expect a call from you. (619) 417-8275. If you don't call, I will assume you don't care. As for Taylor, were it my store, she would lose her job based upon the poor way she chose to handle herself to me. I kept thinking to myself as she spoke to me "would she act like this if this was HER store?" I have never had so much as a single negative interaction with anyone in your store for many many years before today. I was appalled, frankly. Your little computer system, while presumably well intended, is, quite candidly stupid. I am well aware Sports Clips engages in lots of marketing. Your computer system is what I call "negative marketing". It has the opposite effect. You are going to lose customers with that system.

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